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Marketing Certification (UK)


Marketing is crucial to the success or otherwise of the vast majority or business in today’s markets, An understanding of how to target customers and the strategies necessary to market products successfully need to be understood , with our Marketing Module students will examine the roll and value of marketing in today’s increasingly competitive and dynamic environment.
The management of the Market function is defined in diverse marketing situations. Students practice marketing principles to analyze, plan, implement and control polices to achieve marketing and corporate objectives in both profit and nonprofit organizations.

Introduction to Marketing What is marketing? Managing profitable customer relationships.
Understanding the Marketplace The company’s micro environment, the company’s macro environment, managing marketing information.
Understanding Consumers Consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior, business markets and business buyer behavior
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior, business markets and business buyer behavior
Products, Services and Branding What is a product? Product and service decisions, branding strategy, services marketing
New Product Development and Product Life Cycle (PLC) New product development strategy, product life cycle strategies.
Pricing Considerations and Strategies What is price? Factors to consider when setting price, product-mix pricing strategies, price-adjustment strategies.
Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management Supply chain and value delivery network, importance of marketing channels, channel design and management decisions.
Integrated Marketing Communication: Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations The marketing communications mix, advertising, sales promotion, public relations
Integrated Marketing Communication: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing Personal selling, managing the sales force, the personal selling process, direct marketing.
Marketing in the Digital Age Major forces shaping the digital age, marketing strategy in the digital age.
Marketing and Society Social criticisms of marketing, business actions towards socially responsible marketing.
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