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Digital marketing is one of the most crucial components of modern marketing that allows businesses to implement and monitor online promotion of products and services via different channels of electronic media. It essentially allows businesses to analyze what works and what doesn’t work through real time analysis of consumer behavior and product promotion through one or more digital channels. Today, digital marketing is crucial for marketing managers as it helps them understand their lead generation and other modern marketing strategies that play a significant role in consistent business growth.


This course is designed to equip both aspiring and professional marketers and business owners who would like to expand their business services through basic techniques and methods of digital marketing. The course also highlights iterative framework to help you outline your digital strategy for various marketing goals.

Who can benefit from this certification?

ThisDigital marketing is essential for anybody who wants to understand the core concepts that shape the digital strategy and supplement the planning process for substantial business growth. Whether you are working as an agency marketer or a client side marketer/marketing manager, this course will help you learn to manage digital channels for a practical experience.

Course Contents :

Course Contents

Mandatory Guidance

  1. SEO competitive analysis
  2. Keyword analysis
  3. Keyword strategy
  4. Optimizing website code
  5. Optimizing website content
  6. Optimizing internal links
  7. Optimizing website structure
  8. Building external links
  9. Submitting website to Google
  10. Ranking analysis

Digital Display marketing

  1. This module aims to help marketers understand the importance of advertising messages’ delivery through digital display. The major components of this module include:
  2. Media planning for choosing ad placements
  3. Content generation
  4. The process of selling & reselling advertising inventory
  5. Internal Audit Resources
  6. Use of execution technologies
  7. Media enhancements for enriched targets
  8. Digital advertising

Pay per click advertising:

  1. This module is designed to help marketing specialists understand how PPC fits in the overall online marketing strategy. Additionally, the module teaches marketers to utilize PPC for better business visibility and growth. The module includes:
  2. Role of PPC in online advertising
  3. Campaigning for issue-based traffic
  4. Establishing Direct-response business
  5. PPC budget basics
  6. Tracking conversions
  7. Finding the right niche keywords
  8. Tracking PPC progress

Mobile Marketing

  1. This module explores how mobile marketing can be utilized to expand customer reach through instant product and services information. The module gives an overview of the following:
  2. SMS marketing
  3. App-based marketing
  4. In-game mobile marketing
  5. Location-based services


  1. Our analytics module gives a comprehensive guidance regarding analytics basics that help marketers measure and track business progress via the digital marketing channels. This module includes:
  2. Digital analytics
  3. Google analytics
  4. E commerce analytics
  5. Mobile app analytics

Social media marketing

  1. Social media marketing is a crucial component of an overall marketing strategy. This module focuses on helping aspiring and professional marketing specialists to create and implement social media marketing strategies for a better online visibility. This module covers:
  2. Social media marketing basics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.
  3. Social media blogging and pod-casting
  4. Affiliate marketing and its integration in social media

Email Marketing

  1. In this module, you will get an overview of how to create the blueprint for successful email marketing process. The main components of this module include:
  2. Email marketing process
  3. Creating behavior-based trigger emails
  4. How to garner new leads with emails
  5. Building email list for lead generation
  6. Integration with controlling
  7. Integration with PP

Learning Outcomes

This course will gear up any marketing specialist, regardless of their level of expertise, to:
  1. ICreate a digital marketing program for tracking and improving digital media channels and their effectiveness.
  2. Audit current digital marketing approaches for improved performance
  3. Integrate modern marketing strategies to create a healthy digital mix
  4. Understand and implement online behavioral targeting for better sales
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