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IDBF Course Dubai, UAE


This Diploma in Banking and Finance is designed to provide a high quality and professionally relevant undergraduate programme, developing in students a sound understanding of banking and finance and its applications. Our banking and finance course offer internationally recognised certifications.

Students are also encouraged to be critical thinkers and learners that will enable them to embark on further learning and professional career developments. Our courses are Ministry approved training for banks, making certification in finance and banking from us a desirable qualification. Students who complete our finance and banking course in Dubai will receive a great start for a successful career in the financial sector.


  1. A core of academic knowledge, understanding and technical skills related to the finance and banking industry.
  2. An awareness of the broader contextual issues influencing the sectors;
  3. An awareness of the broader contextual issues influencing the sectors;
  4. An appreciation of the significance of key legal, economic, and banking and finance concepts to the business organization;
  5. A knowledge and understanding of the main current and alternative technical language and practices within the sectors from an international perspective;
  6. A knowledge and understanding of theories and empirical evidence concerning the effects of banking and finance in various contexts and the ability to critically evaluate such theories and evidence.
  7. Successfully gaining an internationally recognised certification in banking or finance.


  1. Introduction to Financial Institutions
  2. Different types of Banks and Operations in banks
  3. Corporate and Retail Banking
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Corporate Finance
  6. Credit and Credit Process
  7. Loan Structuring and Loan Documentation
  8. Lending:
    1. Long term, Short Term and Working capital
  9. Overview of Foreign Trade
    1. Role of banks in foreign trade
    2. Risk management in Foreign trade
    3. Various Documents in Import and Export Trade
  10. Risk Management
  11. Introduction to Islamic Finance
We have multiple options for both our financial trainings courses and training for bankers available in Dubai.
Full-time: 2 Months – Weekday Course – One on One Sessions
Part-time: 4 months – Weekday course – Sundays & Tuesday 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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